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 Sell All My Crew

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PostSubject: Sell All My Crew    Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:04 pm

For those who would like to buy my crew i will sell them for RM 250.00
the actual price is over RM400.00, since i need cash very2 bad to support my study
here are listing crew:

BVE Gunner x2 lv 81 (UK)
BVE Engine x5 lv 50~80 (UK)
1 set UK Sub crew (lv 50+) Good stat some are BVE.
UK CV crew with 2 DB lv 70+ and 4 fighter lv 70+ (Good Stat) some are BVE.
BVE Repairs (lv 60~ 80) some are BVE.
UK BVE AA gunner lv 85
IJN BB Crew lv 80++ (BVE)
IJN Sub Crew lv60++

for more info pls contact me by my mobile number (010-5368601)

You may pay me in anyway that u prefer (face2face) or (bank in)
but i do sugguest that you call me 1st for confirmation.

i dont do any booking or such. 1st come 1st serve...

Bonus : I will give away my own account for those who paid me RM 300.00
what type of ship or BO i have?

1 UK BB BO (lv 83)
1 UK CV BO (lv70)
1 UK SUB BO (lv60)
1 IJN BB BO (lv80)
1 IJN SS BO (lv60)


Credit : 3 mil
points : 7 mil

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Sell All My Crew
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