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 How To Buy NF Item (Update 7 Dec 2010

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PostSubject: How To Buy NF Item (Update 7 Dec 2010   Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:12 am

Zam Sticky this post pls?

This help was meant for malaysian player who want to buy NF item, but other who know how to send the money to me and don't have NF payment method can also use this help system.


New updated price, more accurate price.


1. I will not held responsible for any mistake of buying NF item due to lack of information and etc.

2. You may not cancel your order or your cash once it been deposit.

3. The amount of cash must equal to price that had been given.

4. You may not tell this buying system to anyone inside the game, due to fault and abuse.

5. You must agree and follow all the instruction that have been given, if there is any fault i will not held responsible.

6. Once money had been deposit there is no return back.


1. Pick your desire NF item and calculate thier price following the price i have given.

2. Call me for confirmation that you want to buy
(due to my daily time and free time)

3. Once i have confirm it you may Bank in to my bank account (given below)

4. Call me again to reconfirm that you have deposit the money to my bank account, i will check it via online it took 1 hour at most to update.

5. Once its confirm i will need you to login ion game to meet me in there.

6. I will request your username and password so that i can buy directly to your account. (you may change your password in NF website account section)

7. I will buy the item that you had order and done.


1. You must login to your game account before i login to your NF web account so that i can't login your game account.

2. Change your password once the deal is done

My Info

Bank : EON Bank
Account bank number: 2042-20-016211-0
Holder: Muhammad Khairy Bin Mat Isa

Phone Number : 010-5368601
Navyfield Item Price

*Remember price are following USA gov tax and paypal @ Google account %*
Currency are in RM *Ringgit Malaysia*


Premium Battelship (PBB)
RM 25.00

Premium Aircraft Carrier (PCV)
RM 25.00

Premium Heavy Cruiser (PCA)
RM 17.00

Premium Light Cruiser (PCL)
RM 10.00


Dock Increase
RM 10.00

HQ Expension
RM 33.00

RM 7.00

Smoke Bomb
RM 13.00

Naval Mines x500
RM 5.00

Naval Mines x1000
RM 7.00


Elite Sailor Lv1
RM 7.00

Elite Sailor Lv12
RM 10.00


Ship Tree Reset
RM 65.00

Veterant +10
RM 7.00

Veterant +1
RM 7.00

Expert +10
RM 7.00

Expert +100
RM 7.00

Premium Sailor (Bost)
RM 8.00


Premium Account
RM 35.00


BB/CV/SS Starter Packs
RM 80.00


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How To Buy NF Item (Update 7 Dec 2010
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