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 How to write your application...

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PostSubject: How to write your application...   Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:01 pm

Welcome to KD Naval Forces...

Read the step below on how to write your application here and after that post your application under new topic with your name as a title on this forum...

1) Your ID name in the game (main ID coz easy for us to find u while you in the game).

2) Place do you live right now (so that we know what exactly your time zone).

3) How often do you play this game (I'm recommend that only active player can join this fleet but if you still want to join this fleet maybe i will consider it).

4) How long did you play this game (I'm just want to know whether u are newbie or already a veteran player).

5) Previous and past clan that u join (Just for our record information).


1) ID name: zam_kj or my ID is zam_kj

2) I'm live in Malaysia and the city that i living now is kuala lumpur... (but if u can put more info,it would be nice)

3) I'm play about 2 or 3 hours a day.. its depend on my time, if im free i will play a little bit longer from usual..

4) I just started playing this game early of this year in Feb.. so its about 7 month now...

5) Big Exp Fleet (no need reason for leaving the clan, but if u fill, it would be ok for me)

Thanks... Smile
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How to write your application...
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