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 The Clan Introduction

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PostSubject: The Clan Introduction   Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:19 am

The Clan were made on 9 October 2010 and register as official fleet in navy field on 15 October 2010 just about a week after its 1st make...

At the early stage, the fleet just only have 5 original clan member and they are is alung90,invader2,paradonz,
swat_delta also knows as swat_black in the game and me as a clan leader of the fleet... all of they are from Malaysia, same place were im living now.. So this fleet is base in Malaysia...

In the beginning of making the Fleet, The Fleet that u know right now before are known as the Kapal Diraja Squad with only 5 of my team mate from Malaysia joining this Fleet, they are my mate that i already mention it before... Some of they are still online.. Now this fleet is already known as KD Naval forces Fleet...

The beginning of the process of making the fleet, i just want to find mate and player only from Malaysian to join this team but then i realize that is not so much player and also hard to find player from my country to play this game... So i begin to wonder how about i just make a fleet with a bigger organization and more member and player from outsiders and others country can join this fleet like all others fleet do...

The first outsiders that join our fleet are theharrison form UK,rahhan from Spain,Pjave from US and IiBob also from US...

Why were we call it KD?
KD or Kapal Diraja(in Malaysia) are meant Royal Navy Ark's... In my country every single navy ship that we have here must start with the name KD in front of the ship... That's why we put the KD tag in the game and also we name our fleet by the name KD Naval Forces meant Royal Navy Ark's Forces in English...

So Lastly, I'm as a Clan leader want to thanks all for those who are helping me inside or outside in the game and also for those who gave me some of a good advice to made this fleet coming true... Thanks again...

Your deeds and duty to the clan i will remember it in my memories always...

KD Naval Forces Boleh...!!! geek
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The Clan Introduction
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